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 Will Those Who Are Misinformed About Islam Be Punished?

Will those who were misinformed about Islam be punished? What about the situation of people in the hereafter who were told wrongly about Islam?


Misinformed people about Islam are not responsible. In order to be responsible one must have the true information, this will open the doors of wisdom by setting his/her will free.
After our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Imam-ı Ghazali divided people who had not heard his invitation into three groups:
1- People who haven’t heard the invitation of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and do not know him. Humans in this category certainly will go to the heaven (jannah).
2- People who have heard invitation of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his miracles and morality but don’t believe in Islam. The people in this group certainly will suffer torment.
3- This third group is between those above. Imam-ı Ghazali says about this third group:
“Those ones haven’t heard his characteristics and special features; though they hear about our prophet Muhammad (pbuh). All they know about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is “He was one of the liars since he was a child” and “he pretended to be a Prophet” and many other misinformation. They were misinformed about the messenger of Allah (pbuh). In this case, this cannot lead them to think and investigate the truth.

As we understand from the explanation of Imam-ı Ghazali; those misinformed ones will not be held responsible

Nowadays, no matter how much widespread Islam becomes through the media, stereotyped ideas and prejudices are still prevailing. If we take the western media’s lies and the misinformation about Islam and the misleading behaviors of some Muslims into consideration, the responsibilities of those who were informed badly about Islam would be reduced or removed. But, we must always remember that it is a fact that each person has mind and logic and ability to research and find the truth in some way if he or she is really and sincerely willing to do it. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Will Those Who Are Misinformed About Islam Be Punished?

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