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 What Is the Human Aspect of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

What should be understood from the expression "The Human Aspect of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)"?


The prophets are human beings ostensibly; but in spiritual aspects, they are similar to the angels.

Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) is Also a Human Being Like Us

“Say that: ‘I am also a human being like you; (but) it is revealed to me that your god is only one unique God….” (Kahf/110)
“(O My Herald!) Of the prophets whom we have sent before you, no doubt they too in fact ate food and went about market places. (O humankind!) We made you a test to each other. Let’s see, will you persevere with patience? For, your Master is the perfect Seer.” (Furqan/20)
Every feature which belongs to human body is also available for the body of the prophets. They may become ill or die. The prophets have all the sentiments which ordinary people have (such as sexual desires and anger).
Our beloved prophet (pbuh) also became ill, got hungry and thirsty, affected by the cold and hot and suffered troubles. All of these are signs belonging to the human beings and it is not possible to get rid of them. (Qadi Iyad / Ash-Shifa-i Sharif)

Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) Is Spiritually Qualified with the Most Supreme Quality of the Human Beings

“My eyes sleep but my heart does not sleep.” (Qadi Iyad)

The spirits and the internal realms of the prophets are qualified by the most supreme qualities of the human beings. They submit to Allah with all their existence (in terms of worship of Allah and obey what he ordered). Their attributes are similar to those of angels. Their attributes secured from (any sort of) distortion and calamities. They are not inflicted with humanly impotence or weakness. If their internal realm showed human characteristics as their outer appearance, they would not be able to see the angels, speak to them, take Allah’s commandments. As nobody was able to do except for the prophets.
(Qadi Iyad- Ash-shifa-i sharif)
A poet says: "Muhammad is a human being but not an ordinary one. He is like what ruby is among the stones. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Is the Human Aspect of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?"

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