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 Is Jesus God or son of God? Who is Jesus?

What is the truth about Jesus? Is He God? Or son of God? Or none? Who is Jesus?


First Question: “Is Jesus God?”

There are different beliefs about Jesus. Is he a God? Or is he the son of God? Or is he a prophet? First of all, we can say that claiming his being a God despite believing his being a creature is a contradiction. Because Godhood requires such specific attributes that differ the “God”, “the Creator” from His creatures and such attributes that impossible for the creatures to have. So one’s being both a Creator and a creature (as well) is impossible. In such a way that:

Being a “Creator” requires being “not created”

“Creator” is the one who has created everything while He is not a creature Himself.
Creature is the being created by the Creator, the impotent, weak, and doomed to be created in that unable to create.
After these quite open explanations, one who has wisdom can clearly understand that “A CREATION CANNOT BE A CREATOR.” In other words, an object created by God, as the name implies, is a creature and impotent. Its duty is to worship his creator whom it needs to exist.

Allah Is the One “Not Created”. The Created One May Not Be “Allah”.

Allah owns the “creator” attribute that He “does not need anything and is in existent always”. But all the creations, while their possibilities of being or not being were equal, were wanted to be created by Allah. In other words, all creations need a creator who is “superior to them” and “ever-present”. For this reason; they are impotent and weak; that their always changing, ageing, wearing out and dying are the evidences of their weakness and impotence. A created one cannot be a creator because it is created and it is impotent. Allah, indeed, never was created, so that a creature’s becoming a God can never be thought.

Allah is Ahad! Endless, unlimited, not afflicted with division; He is “THE ONE”

“Say (O Muhammad): He is Allah; he is Ahad (the One)!” (Suratu’l Ikhlas:1)
Allah is Ahad
Endless, unlimited, is not afflicted with division; he is “THE ONE”.
If we say “Who created Allah?”, then there have to be some directional and dimensional limitations or borders of Allah, so that there could be another existent to create Allah behind those borders. Then, that second existent could create “Allah” out of himself!
But, Allah is Ahad. Endless, eternal, unlimited, is not afflicted with division; he is “THE ONE”. So, how could it possibly be thought, the domination of Eternal Allah ends up at a point and after that point, the second Allah’s domination starts? Or how could it possibly be thought that God dies and then another God takes the control and so on. If so, how can a mortal existent possibly be a GOD? If a mortal existent’s being a GOD be possible (!), how that MORTAL God could ever bring an immortal GOD into existence. Is not that a huge and illogical paradox?

The Second Question: Is Jesus the son of God?

“He (Allah) begets not nor was begotten.” (Surat-u Ikhlas, 3)
Allah, the Creator, can’t be similar to His creatures
A Creator cannot resemble His creatures. If He is, than He cannot be the Creator.
We don’t think that a carpenter resembles a chair that he made. Or a painter resembles a four edged canvas. Do we? A tailor cuts and sews the material however he wishes, but a material can never intervene a tailor. Because, the supreme one is tailor, not the material.
Logically, the Creator must be greater than anything He creates. None of His creatures can limit Him.
Place, time, material, human, object… Everything, all of us are in the category of “creatures”. The clearest proof for this is our being doomed to death and our changing every time. The unchanging can only be the one who exists eternally. Everlasting and the only one… If we accept that God is limited in a certain place, than we have to accept that His power starts and finishes at certain points. Than who rules over the other places? Another god? If He is weak and need another God, than how can He be the God?
So, one who begets or was begotten cannot be the God; because both of these come from “weakness” and “impotence”. If someone is begotten or begets, it means that he’s a “creature.” As we can’t call Jesus “God” because he was begotten, we can’t call God “father”, because “begetting” can’t be an attribute of God.
Thus, He is the father of no one, but He is the “Creator” and “Lord” of everyone; including Jesus. Allah, with His endless and unlimited power, created Jesus fatherless as He (swt) created Adam both fatherless and motherless. Everyone’s having a mother and a father is just a law created by Allah (swt) and He is free from being limited by the laws He (swt) created. So, if He (swt) wishes, He can create from nothing…

The Third Question: Who is Jesus?

Jesus is one of the greatest prophets who were sent to the Children of Israel. His name is mentioned in the Quran. He is the fifth of the six “Ululazm Prophets” who are the highest of all prophets. His mother is Hadrat Mary. Allah created him “fatherless.” He was born in Jerusalem. He was appointed as a prophet at the age of 30. He was sent the holy book “Bible.” He was ascended to heaven at the age of 33 and he will come back to the earth in a close time to doomsday.
In contrast to Christians, Muslims believe that Prophet Jesus was not crucified; He was directly ascended to heaven. This takes place in the Quran in the 157th and the 158th verses of Sural al-Nisa:
“And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, Allah's messenger - they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; they slew him not for certain.”
“But Allah took him up unto Himself. Allah was ever Mighty, Wise.”
Besides, in the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad, it is declared that: “Jesus has not died. He will return to you before the day of judgement. (Doomsday)” “I’m the closest one to Jesus the son of Maryam in the world and in the hereafter.” “There is not a prophet between me and Jesus.”
When Jesus was ascended to the heaven after his 3 years’ prophet hood; (upon Jesus’s will) his disciples dispersed around and preached the Christianity. It took 80 years for this right religion to be spread. But then, after a while, the Bible was changed and three different opinions emerged which contrast with the initial faith of Christianity. They are “Jesus is God”, “Jesus is the son of God.” and trinity; the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead; which do not fit into the attributes of Godhood as mentioned before.
However, He (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the most blessed prophets of Allah (saw) and performed miracles as a necessity of the holy prophethood task. They can be classified in 9 types:
1. Prophet Jesus spoke when he was a baby in the cradle. (Maida, 110)
2. He brought the dead to life. (Maida,110)
3. He healed the lepers and those born blind. (Surah al Maide, 110)
4. He informed his people what they ate and what they stored in their houses. (Al-I Imran, 49)
5. When he made out of the clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and he breathed into it, and it became a bird and flew. (Maide, 110)
6. The Disciples of Jesus offered him to ask Allah for sending down a table spread with food. When Jesus prayed, a table was sent down. (Surah al Maida,114)
7. Jesus knew what has been going on and what was being spoken nearby while he was asleep.
8. Whenever he wished and prayed, food and fruits were sent to him at that moment.
9. He knew the secret words and states of the Children of Israel.

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