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Some people explain the concept of trinity with an example. They say that the sun in the sky is the father. The rays from the sun are the son and the warmth of the rays is the Holy Spirit. I know that this example contradicts the oneness of God. Could you explain how? 


This question is to uncover the contradiction in the trinity which is explained with an example of the sun = father; the rays = son; the warmth from the rays = Holy Spirit.

Sun has to be “one whole entity” to be a real sun

As is known, sun is the star which our world is enlightened and heated by. It releases light and heat through the reactions of Helium and Hydrogen it consists.
In the aforementioned example, some people consider that the sun is separated in three parts. One part is the sun itself, the second is its rays and the other is the warmth of its rays. He observes these three parts separately from each other. Then, we have a question; if we separate the sun into three parts, can we still regard the remnant as “the sun”?
What differentiates the sun from other stars is it enlightens and heats the whole world. If we think the sun without its rays that reach and bring life to whole parts of the world ranging from the tiny submarine creatures in the deepest parts of oceans to the minute molecules in the structures of plants, could the sun still survive its property of being “sun” for us? If it had no rays, it wouldn’t reach our world and make any sense, no matter how much heat it had inside. There would be nothing that distinguished it from the others. It means that, separating its properties from the sun ends its quality of being the sun. To be a real sun, it would be “one whole entity”, not a separated one… Without its rays, its warmth, its heat, it would be weak, insufficient and deficient; then would it be “sun”?
If it is in this way for sun, how could we consider “God” separated into three parts? If the three parts compose one God, then can one part separated from the others still be a God although it is weak and insufficient without the others? Then how could we call the part “God” that needs the power and existence of the other parts? As the other parts need Him, He would be in need of them, then what would differentiate Him and make Him God? If they need another one and make no sense when separated, then can they be a real “God”?
So, Godhood requires being just one, unlimited, and not being afflicted with division. If He is God, then He doesn’t need a son and a holy spirit. If he needs, then He isn’t the God. So believing the oneness of God and the existence of his son and the trinity theory at the same time is a contradiction. Trinity is an accusation against Godhood for being weak and insufficient and being in need of helpers and being limited by a son and a holy spirit.

Ascendance doesn’t accept intervention

The one who has the attribute of “Creator” can be the one who has willpower over everyone, so that He can create anything He wills according to His infinite wisdom. Being “over” everyone results being “one”, because if there is a more powerful being “over” Him, than the more powerful being would be God and wouldn’t need a second and a weaker one.
The attribute “Creator” requires having the power of ruling over everything. Because everything in the universe composes a chain that of every piece is related to the others and composes a whole together, the ruler of one piece is the one who is the ruler of the whole chain. So, the ruler and the Creator of one single fly is also the Creator and the Ruler of the atmosphere where it gets its oxygen from, and also the sun where it gets the light and heat that it needs from. In other words, universe demonstrates and proves the existence of One All-Powerful Creator and Ruler. If there was a second God, then everything would be in a mass and nothing would continue as it does now.
We can also understand that God is one and doesn’t need a second and a third Godlike being with the fact of the characteristic of a “ruler”. Any ruler, even a simple director of a simple school, doesn’t want anyone to interfere in his management. If he is the ruler, he wants to be the one who has the authority. If he is the one in charge, the other officers are under his control. If he is under the control and authority of others, does his being a manager make any sense? And furthermore, which manager will be pleased with “interference”?
If a simple ruler doesn’t accept “interference” although he needs the help of other people and doesn’t have the power to rule on his own; could the Ruler of the whole universe who has a will and power over everything, so that doesn’t need any help, accept the interference of others? If the God needs a second or a third God, it means that there are some other beings over Him with respect to power and will, then He isn’t the one who has infinite power, cause he is limited with the other gods.
In conclusion, the sun doesn’t need any other celestial body to produce and release its light and heat. It is the source itself. This feature makes it “the sun”. Similarly, the Lord of the universe is “the One God”, the All-Powerful and Omnipotent who never needs the help and never accepts the interference of any other creatures that are as weak as to be exposed to terminate and die one day.

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