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 Does Everyone Have a Demon and an Angel?

Male or female does everyone have a demon and an angel? Can you explain this?


Every person has a demon and an angel

Rasulullah (pbuh) said:
“To all of you, a companion from jinns (demons) and a companion from angels is deputed.” Shaba (friends of Rasulullah (pbuh)) asked:
“Even to you, oh Prophet of Allah?”
“Me too. Allah helped me about it and it became a Muslim. It does not order me anything but goodness.”
(Muslim, Ahmad)
“Became Muslim”, here, means to submit and not be able to cause damage. As a matter of fact the word Muslim means yielder and unconditional submissive.
In many parts of Qur’an, Allah orders us to avoid devil (shaytan-satan) that is clearly an enemy. We can only be saved from the insidious Devil’s effects by committing the orders of Allah and by strengthening our faith. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Does Everyone Have a Demon and an Angel?

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