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 How did the Angels know that the human beings would plot mischief on earth?

Before the creation of Prophet Adam angels asked Allah: "Will you create an ummah which will plot mischief on earth? But, how did the angels know that the humans would be defeatists?


The djinnes which were created before the human beings had plotted the mischief on earth.

The Angels said the human beings also will plot the mischief on earth comparing them to the djinns.
According to a narration which Dahhaq conveys from Abdullah b. Abbas:
Allah (cc) had created the djinns before the prophet Adam. When they made anarchy and spilt the blood on earth, Allah had sent a special regiment consisting of the angels in commandment of Iblis and waged a war against the djinns and made them defeated. When Allah said to these special angels that he would create a khalife on earth, they replied comparing the humans to the djinns: “Will you create a group who will make defeatism and spill blood there?

The existence of the sentiments of anger and lust in human being is the cause of the plotting mischief

Angels knowing the lust in human nature is the cause of sedition and the anger is the cause of spilling blood, they said so.
It is narrated that Allah informed the angels that the human being would plot the mischief on earth.
There are different views narrated by İbni Mas'ud and some of the companions concerning this. The views are those:
• When Allah (cc) said to the angels “Of course I am going to create a caliph (human) on earth” the angels asked “o our Lord, what will be this caliph?” Allah replied “He is going to have descendants. They are going to plot mischief on earth; they will be jealous of each other and kill each other.” Upon this the angels asked “O our Lord, will you create the ones who will plot the mischief and spill the blood there?”
• Allah (cc) said to the angels when there is a crowded group of people on the earth they will plot the mischief and spill the blood.
• İbn Zayd said so: When Allah (cc) created the hell, the angels were very afraid of it and said “O our Lord, for whom did you create this fire?” Allah replied “for the ones who are rebellious to me among my creatures.” But that day there is no creature other than the angels and there is nobody on earth. When Allah said “Of course I am going to create a khalife (human) on earth” the angels understood that they would commit the sin.
• Since what will happen till the doomsday is written on the Protected Plate (Lawh-al Mahfuz) the angels might learn from there.
(Fahraddin-i Radi,Tafsir-i Kabir Mafatihul Ghayb) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How did the Angels know that the human beings would plot mischief on earth?

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