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 What Do the Angels Do And Do They Outnumber Human Beings?

What are the duties of the angels and do they outnumber the human beings?


The number of the angels is only known by Allah. Their mission is to tasbeeh (1), dhikr Allah (swt). Along with this they carry out many tasks and responsibilities as well.
There is no precise information about the number of angels. But it can be said that angels outnumber all the existences that have been created.
Angels are also an ummah (2) as human beings are and they are a far more crowded community than the mankind.
The actual task of the angels is to tasbih (glorify) Allah and to serve for Him. Along with this, they have various duties depending on their locations and status.
1- Tasbih: to utter sentences glorifying, praising Allah repetitively
2- Ummah: "Community of the Believers" (ummat al-mu'minin), and thus the whole Muslim world.
For more information see the article entitled "The Duties of the Angels". Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Do the Angels Do And Do They Outnumber Human Beings?

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