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 Which angels convey Allah’s commands to the earth?

What is the duty of "hamala-i mumtasil"?


Hamala-i Mumtasil (Commander Carriers) are the angels who convey Allah’s commands (amir) to the earth.
Abdullah bin Abbas reported that: Some companions from Ansar (*) gave me this information : While they were sitting with the Messenger of Allah(pbuh), a star had shot and everywhere was illuminated. So the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing be upon him) asked them: “What did you use to say when you saw a shooting star at the age of ignorance (jahiliyyah)?” They said Allah and the Messenger of Him (pbuh) knew better. “When we saw something like this we used to say a great man either was born or passed away.” The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) responded as follows: “It must be born in mind that no one’s birth or death is related to a shooting star. However; when the Almighty Allah decides something, the Angels bearing the Arsh begin to tasbih (praise and glofiry Allah) and community of heaven begin to tasbih (praise and glofiry Allah) afterwards, the tasbih is conveyed to those of the earth. After that, the subordinate angels of bearing the Arsh ask the bearers of the Arsh: “What did Allah say?” And they convey what the Almighty Allah said to them. This information is conveyed to the earth. At that time, the Jinns who maliciously eavesdrop are stoned by a star. What they have brought is totally correct but they distort them with lies.”
(*) Ansar is a term meaning "helper" and denotes the Medinan citizens that helped Muhammad, (pbuh), and the Muhajirun on the arrival to the city after the Migration to Medina. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Which angels convey Allah’s commands to the earth?

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