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 Is the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice A Massacre?

Doesn't Muslim feast of sacrifice overshadow the endless mercy of Allah?With the Muslim feast of sacrifice millions of animals' bloods are shed, doesnt this contradict to Allah's mercy? Isn't this contrary to Islam which is the religion of "Peace"?


The Muslim feast of sacrifice is accused of conducing the slaughtering of animals. And sometimes one question comes to our minds: “How does it fit in the mercy and compassion of Allah who is The All Merciful and The Most Compassionate and The One always ordering to be merciful and compassionate."

The worship of sacrifice is not far away from the mercy of Allah

The worship of sacrifice is performed once in a year. Apart from this, in the other days of a year, millions of animals are slaughtered and tons of meat is consumed by the humans. Because; Allah put all the animals and plants under our order and made all beings servants for us. He provided us all these things to fulfill our needs. And this is one of the biggest proofs for the mercy of Allah.
This is unthinkable that the feast of sacrifice is far away from Allah’s mercy. Allah doesn’t let the animals feel the pain that are slaughtered for the feast of sacrifice.

Our mercy is not even a drop in an ocean when compared to the Allah’s

Allah who encompasses all beings with endless mercy, don’t let the animals feel the pain at the moment of sacrifice.
Even the animal knows that it is sacrificed for the sake of Allah and wishes to feel that pain. But Allah completely takes that feeling away. Thus they are sacrificed in a painless way. Any longer the animal sacrificed itself for the sake of Allah and sacrificed in the way of Him.
It is for sure this cut off is much more honorable, dignified and lofty than going under the knife aiming commercial profits and meat.
An animal held down to be slaughtered, even, does not feel anything. It wants to feel it as the knife cuts, but that feeling disappears as well, and it is saved from the pain. This means that a great instance of Divine mercy and compassion is not making known the Unseen, and veiling the things that will befall one. (Rays- From the Risala-i Nur Collection/Badiuzzaman Said Nursi)

Creatures do their worships serving humans

Our Lord created all the things in the universe in a in a cooperation manner to each other. When we look at the universe, we can clearly see it as ecological balance. For example; Herbs need humans and animals to eat them and nurture themselves. They cooperate in this way. Animals need humans to eat their meats and get the benefit of their furs and so on. They find their place in the ecological balance in this way.
So, as a matter of fact all the creatures serve humankind. By this way, they accomplish their duties towards their Lord and deliver their worships.
“Moreover, it is not far from the infinite mercy of the Most Merciful that just as He bestows the rank of martyrdom on a soldier who perishes on account of his duty while fighting, and rewards a sheep slaughtered as a sacrifice by giving it an eternal corporeal existence in the hereafter and the rank of being a mount for its owner on the Bridge of Sirat like Buraq." (The Words - From the Risala-i Nur Collection / Badiuzzaman Said Nursi) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice A Massacre?

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