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 Is fast broken when water goes into the throat and nose while performing wudu?

I sniff water strongly in order for water to get further into the nasal while performing wudu, as I know that’s the proper way. However, I learnt that when water gets into the nasal, fast is broken. What should I do?


 Actually, sniffing water strongly during the wudu is the proper action to perform a perfect wudu. However, our Prophet (pbuh) stated that “being in the state of fasting” is the exception of it. In other words, it is not proper to sniff water strongly while fasting as narrated in the following hadith:

Narrated Laqit ibn Sabirah:

“Perform ablution in full and make the fingers go through the beard and snuff with water well except when you are fasting.” (Sunan Abu Dawud, Kitab al Taharah)

“It is sunnah to perform madhmadha (rinsing and gargling of the mouth) and istinshaaq (sniffing water) exceedingly. In such a way that water goes into the throat in madhmadha and water rises up almost up to the bone in istinshaq. However, those who are fasting do not perform madhmadha and istinshaq so strongly.” (Great Islamic Jurisprudence, Omar Nasuhi Bilman)

If water goes into the nasal during wudu, even by mistake, fast is broken and it needs to be compensated. Thus, if a fasting person, despite remembering that he is fasting, eats or drinks something by mistake or if water goes into the throat while performing wudu or if rain or snow goes down his throat, his fast is broken, so that he has to compensate it. However, if the fasting person commits the aforementioned actions forgetfully, his fast is not broken. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is fast broken when water goes into the throat and nose while performing wudu?



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