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 Does spotting caused by IUD break fast?

I have the IUD with the hormone means I don’t have my period only spots varies from little to good amount from dark brown to bloody. Should I consider this period or sickness blood? Should I fast in this situation?


The yellowish, brownish, dark muddy or red discharge coming out (at least) 15 days (13 days for the Hanbali School) after the end of the latest period of menses is judged according to “its duration”. The yellowish or brownish discharge which continues for at least 3 days (in Hanafi school of thought) is considered as menstruation blood. (It is at least 1 day and night in Shafi and Hanbali school of thought. There is no minimum limit in Maliki School.) A woman having such discharge does not pray and fast.

However, If the yellowish, brownish or red discharge lasts less than 3 days (in Hanafi school of thought), it is considered as “istihada” (chronic blood discharge). It is incumbent on a woman having istihada to fast and also to perform obligatory salah. Yet, she is required to make ablution before every prayer.

Dear sister, you should consider your situation according to your madhab (school of thought) and act according to rulings of the imam of your madhab. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Does spotting caused by IUD break fast?

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