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 Does ejaculation due to lustful thoughts break fast?

Today suddenly erotic thoughts came to me and I had an erection. Then little bit of mazi came out. Is my fast broken?


According to the four sunni schools of thought, ejaculation of mazi or mani due to instant/ momentary thinking or looking does not break fast.

However, according to Maliki school of thought, if mani or mazi ejaculates because of “continues thought or look”, then the fast is broken.

According to Hanbali school of thought, due to continues thought or look if “mani” ejaculates, fast is broken while ejaculation of “mazi” does not break the fast.

As to your case, since mani came out as a result of sudden thought, there is a consensus among the four sunni schools that your fast is not broken.

(Wahba Zuhayli, Islamic Jurisprudence and its Proofs, vol; 3) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Does ejaculation due to lustful thoughts break fast?


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