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 Are Muslim Men Allowed to Greet Women With Salaam?


Asma bint Yazid (ra) reported that:
“The Prophet (pbuh) passed by a group of women, and he greeted them with salaam.” (Abu Davud, Tirmidhi, al-Bukhari)
Nawawi makes a clear statement about the greeting women that;
• If there is a group of women, it is permissible to greet them
• If the woman is alone, it is permissible for another woman, her husband, ((her master and her mahram to greet her.
• It is mustahabb (recommended) for a man to greet a woman who is too old to attempt. In this condition, it is also mustahab for the woman to greet man and responding is necessary for the greeted one.
• If the woman is young enough to attempt,it is not permissible for a stranger man, whether he is young or old, to greet her. In this condition, it is the same for the woman. If he does, the woman doesn’t have to respond him and even it is makruh (abominable) for her to respond. (Kutub-i Sittah) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Are Muslim Men Allowed to Greet Women With Salaam?

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