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 Can an ill Person Perform his Prayers Sitting?

Can an ill person who is unable to bend for sujud perform his prayers on a chair in sitting position?


According to Imam-i Haramayn and Imam-i Ghazali if an ill person cannot put his/her head on the floor for the Sajdah he/she performs his/her sujud putting his/her head on something high like a table or a pillow. And according to Rafi’; he/she performs his/her Sajdah bending his/her head as best as he/she can. The same disagreement is also current, if someone is unable to perform prayer because he is in a vehicle which will not stop and which he cannot leave until it stops. According to Hanafi Madhab, he will perform prayers sitting. (Fatwa for Daily Issues)
If a person has an illness that would increase or is the standing position will extend the illness period or simply if he is not strong enough to stand, then he performs his prayers sitting. An individual who performs his prayers sitting bow to Sajdah by putting his forehead on the floor after he does the ruku bending just a little bit. If he is not strong enough to bow Sajdah, then he performs his prayer by gesturing with his eyes but still he should say the words. Because his tongue is able to say the words.
If he is unable to sit on the floor, he can pray standing or sitting on a chair. If he is praying like this he should lean forward for bowing and prostrating, making the prostration (sajdah) deeper than the bowing (ruku). Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Can an ill Person Perform his Prayers Sitting?

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