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 Can We Perform Kadaa (Missed) Prayers instead of Sunnah Prayers?

Is it better to prayer kada (missed) prayers instead of sunnah prayers for a person who has so many missed prayers?


It wouldn’t be appropriate to sacrifice sunnah prayers of the fard prayers for performing missed prayers

“It is not better performing kadaa by leaving sunnah prayers of the fard prayers. It is better to perform sunnah prayers. Because these sunnah prayers completes the fard prayers. These cannot be compensated later. But missed prayers can be compensated any time since they don’t have a specific time. It is not permissible to postpone performing prayers. Also it wouldn’t be appropriate to sacrifice sunnah prayers in order to perform missed prayers as soon as possible. Both sunnah prayers and missed prayers mush performed separately. Also it was not approved to perform prayers with two intentions such as intending to perform the missed prayer and the sunnah prayer at the same time.” (Great Islam Fiqh, Omer Nasuhi Bilmen)

Views of Four Madhab in Performing Missed Prayers instead of Sunnah prayers

According to Hanafi Sect;

Individuals having missed prayers can pray nafila prayers according to Hanafi madhab. Meaning; without quitting sunnah prayers, they can also pray navafil prayers such as tahajjud, tahittatu’l masjid, awwabin... It is better for them to leave other navafil prayers except for these and perform their missed prayers.
By doing this, individuals who missed their prayers, follow the way of our Prophet by performing their sunnah prayers while they are also catching up with their missed prayers.

According to Maliki Madhab;

It is haram to perform Nafilah prayers except for shaf prayer and witr prayer, fajr prayer of the day, eid prayer. If he performs any other salah other than mentioned ones he gets the sawab of this prayer but he is also deemed to have sinned since he postponed compensating for his missed prayers by not performing them. Maliki Ulama permitted those having missed prayers to pray short-lasting salahs such as tayiyyatu’l masjid and also sunnah prayers before or after the fard prayers.

According to Shafi School of Thought;

According to this sect; it is haram to pray nafilah salahs including sunnah prayers for the individuals having missed prayers. These people can start praying sunnah prayers and Nafilah prayers only when they finish compensating for their missed prayers by performing them.

According to Hanbali madhab;

For people having missed prayers, it is permissible to perform sunnah and witr prayers along with fard prayers. If he has too many missed prayers, then it is more appropriate for him not to perform sunnah prayers. But since sunnah prayer of the fajr prayer is sunnah muakkada, it must not be quitted. (Islam Fiiqh According to Four Madhabs, Abdurrahman Jaziri)
This condition shows that It was more favoured to perform kadaa prayers instead of nafilah ans sunnah prayers if the person’s condition is not enough to perform sunnah prayers, nafila prayers and kadaa (missed) prayers at the same time.
As we explained above it is said that “Performing missed prayers is much better and more important than performing nafilah prayers.” (Great Islam Fiqh) This means it would be much better for an individual to perform his missed prayers (if he has) instead of performing tarawih prayer. Tarawih is sunnah muakkad, this person can say his intention for missed prayers instead of saying it for tarawih prayers. At the end, he will have performed twenty rakahs of his missed prayers. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Can We Perform Kadaa (Missed) Prayers instead of Sunnah Prayers?

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