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 Is it permissible to have permanent tattooes?

Is it permissible to have permanent tattooes? Is it true that tattooes are an impedement to ghusul (total ablution)? If so, what should someone with permanent tattoo do?


Narrated by Abu Huraira:
Rasulullah (pbuh) said:
Allah has cursed the one who lengthens his/her hair or someone else’s hair artificially or gets it lengthened and also the one who tattooes himself/herself or someone else or gets himself/herself tattooed. (Bukhari, Muslim)
As understood from the Hadith, it is absolutely forbidden to have tattooes. Because tattooes ruin the nature of the body. Tattoo is a design that is applied to certain parts of the body such as the top of the hand, wrist, biceps, face and lips permanently. A needle is stuck into the skin deep enough for blood to come out. Ink or henna, etc is injected under the skin when this dry under the skin they leave colorful stains that are permanent.
Scholars rule that the tattoed area is considered dirty in religious terms. Therefore tattoo is an impediment to total ablution. Because blood is trapped under the skin and dried. It is obligatory to have it erased at the cost of getting hurt. However if having it erased will harm the limbs then it is permissible to keep it the way it is. In order to erased its sin one should repent. (Kutub-i Sitta)
Narrated Abu Huraira :
A woman who used to practise tattooing was brought to 'Umar. 'Umar got up and said, "I beseech you by Allah, which of you heard the Prophet saying something about tattooing?" l got up and said, "0 chief of the Believers! l heard something." He said, "What did you hear?" I said, "I heard the Prophet (addressing the ladies), saying, 'Do not practise tattooing and do not get yourselves tattooed.” (Bukhari, Book 7, Volume 72, Hadith 830)
Narrated Ibn Umar
Allah's Apostle said, "Allah has cursed such a lady as lengthens (her or someone else's) hair artificially or gets it lengthened, and also a lady who tattoos (herself or someone else) or gets herself tattooed. (Bukhari, Book 7, Volume 7, Hadith 820) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is it permissible to have permanent tattooes?

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