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 Hajj is getting to know the Prophet and His Companions closely

Does the Hajj worship helo Muslims to learn more about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?


Hajj is a worship that inspires deep contemplations to Muslims since it is performed in holy places where the beloved Prophet (pbuh) and his blessed companions fulfilled their honorable duty.

The worship of Hajj is to know the “collective personality of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh)” with a certain knowledge that is the source of the bliss and the intercession of this ummah.

What we should understand from the expression of “the collective personality of the Prophet” is his dawa (mission) and his being the prophet of the past and even the future.

 The world is like a masjid (mosque) of which the imam is the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Mecca is its mihrab (altar) where Islam has arisen and that’s the place where Prophet led the mankind to learn the tenets of faith.

Madina is a minbar (pulpit) where Islam started to be implemented and where Islamic social ethics were taught and founded in social life.

Visiting these holy places with such deep contemplations surely help the Muslim gain a sincere and certain knowledge of the Prophet (pbuh) and his Beloved companions. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Hajj is getting to know the Prophet and His Companions closely

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