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 Do the Unintentional Wicked Thoughts Coming Our Minds While Performing Salah Damage Our Worship?

While performing salah unintentionally wicked and bad thoughts are coming to our minds. Do these thoughts damage our salah or not?


And say : “O my Master! I seek refuge in you from the misgivings (suggestions) of the satans. “O my Master! I seek refuge in you even from their being near me.” (Mu’minoon: 97-98)
While Man prays his Salah with great enthusiasm as if he is before his Lord, Thoughts and images of bad things may come to our minds. This conditions causes to lose the enthusiasm for salah. Even it causes serious panics about the acceptability of the salah.
Besides one may fall in despair assuming these waswasa (misgivings) as his own opinions and saying: “Alas, my heart is so corrupted, I imagine bad things even during the salah which is the most supreme worship.” A person paying so much attention to those misgivings of the Satan (shaitan) may even give up the salah.
Just as the images of the snakes and the scorpions on screens cannot damage us, as such unintentional wicked and bad thoughts coming to the minds, hearts and imaginations, doesn’t damage the acceptability of our salah.
And that kind of wicked thoughts and anxieties are not the words of hearts. Man’s being so disturbed and feeling bad about it is the proof of this. The proof of it is the man’s getting disturbed from those words and imagines. These are the waswasa (misgivings) of the satan (shaitan) coming from the place near the heart called lumma-i shaitaniyya (misgivings of the satan).
Along with all of these, misgivings are similar to balloons. The more you blow, in other words, the more you give them importance, the more they expand. And the more you ignore them, the more they get smaller.
What person should do when he realised those kind of thoughts are distracting him is to give up thinking about them and begin to think that he is before the Almighty Allah. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Do the Unintentional Wicked Thoughts Coming Our Minds While Performing Salah Damage Our Worship?

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