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 Does Allah Need our Worship?

Does Allah need our ibadah (worship) that he wanted human beings to worship?


“Allah (swt) is Self-sufficient (Samad) (even though everything in need of him in every aspect, he is the one who is not in need of anything.)” (Ikhlas, 2)
Allah does never need anything that he could need our worship! It is us who need worship. If a merciful doctor insists on his patient to use the medicines on healing his pain, then if the patient should tell that doctor: “Do you need my using these medicines that you insist that much?” That statement of the patient shows how ignorant and illogical he is.

Human Beings Need Worship (Ibadah); Because Their Impotence and Poorness Make Them Dependent on Being Under the Maintenance of An Existence That is Fully Omnipotent, Eternal and Self-Sufficient.

Human beings are the most impotent ones amongst the creatures. Having endless needs and wishes, a human being does not have the power to attain even one of those needs. Human beings encounter
many causes to sadden them, but they cannot find the power to deal with those adversities. Along with these, human beings are quite sensitive and delicate in nature. Anything can grieve them and they need so many to be properly happy, however; they are deprived of the power, strength and abundance to be able to attain these needs. As to things; they are earned through working, they change as the time go by and the man loses them by his death. As understood, impotence and poorness of the person are both the wounds making him miserable. These wounds can only be healed through worship, seeking refuge only in Allah from
every disaster, adversity and test. Through ibadah, man gains rahmah (mercy), power and protection of Allah (swt), in that he attains the pardon of Allah and may obtain the happiness both in this life and the hereafter.
“Who have believed and whose hearts have rest in the remembrance of Allah. Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” (Ra’d: 28)
The human beings are not only created from a material body. As the body has tangible and bodily needs, the
spiritual devices of the body such as the heart and the spirit has intangible needs, as well. The heart can only be contented through the dhikr (remembrance) and love of Allah. And the mind needs reflection (tafakkur). And ceaselessly being distressed by all of the worldly activities, the spirit can only breathe through the window of worship.

To Attain the Desired Jannah (Paradise) the Man Is In Need of Worship (Ibadah) Purifying from the Sins

Each sin the human being committed damages his imaan (belief), hurts his soul and heart. Ibadah (worship) purifies him and enables him to attain the Divine consent since it makes you accept and admit your sin before Allah and repent for it.Purifying them from their sinsthrough using the instruments such as worship and testing, Allah renders human beings appropriate for Jannah (paradise).

The One Needing Worship Is the Human; Because the Man Becomes Human Through Ibadah (Worship) and Imaan (Belief).

Ibadah is an appreciation (shukr) to Allah, the Creator of human beings and The Sustainer of endless blessings. And the appreciation (shukr) is an absolute requirement for being a human. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Does Allah Need our Worship?

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