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 What Makes Paradise a Paradise is Its Being Given As a Reward

Why don't all the people get into the paradise? Since Allah (swt) loves His servants; why doesn't He admit all of them into the paradise?

Jannah (paradise) is a reward, a bounty and a gift of Allah (swt) to the servants who deserve Jannah. If Allah (swt) admitted everybody into the Jannah, paradise would no longer be a reward.
The reason why people get into the hell is not that they aren’t loved by Allah (swt); they will get in there because they, themselves willed and chose their ways leading to the hell.
Allah (swt) loves all his creatures and has mercy on them. However, if the servant, choosing the denial and the heedlessness deserves hell; considering this situation as “Allah doesn’t love His servants.” would be nothing short of accusing the perfect justice and the divine mercy of Allah (swt).
As we know, reward and punishment are of the two essential and effective methods in education and upbringing; both of them come out of justice and mercy.

All people’s getting into the paradise is injustice

How much would it be fair and reasonable giving the same salary both to a hardworking and an honest worker and a sluggish and bilker one?
To provide the justice; the governments have prisons to punish the cruel. Otherwise it would be a huge injustice to let the cruel break the peace of the innocent society.
Likewise, isn’t it a gross injustice to give both a pious, righteous, obedient servant and a depraved, heedless, cruel man the Jannah as the same reward? Definitely there should be “hell” for the cruel to receive their deserts, as well as the paradise for the reward of the believers.

Allah (swt) is “Al-‘Adl”; The Just and Al-Hakim; the Perfectly Wise

Justice is upheld by reward and punishment.
The reason why the Almighty Allah punishes the faithless men giving the creatures a raw deal by their denials and cruelties is that He (swt) has infinite justice and endless wise. Because not punishing those leading an impious and faithless life is utterly opposed to the perfect justice and the divine wise of Allah (swt).

Allah (swt) preserves the rights of His creatures

Denying Allah (swt) means to deny and ignore completely the divine attributes and holy names of Allah (swt) that are seen all over the universe. Actually, all creatures are like mirrors reflecting the divine names and attributes of Allah (swt). Carrying out this task is the greatest honour and the most essential duty for them. But the disbeliever rejects these lofty aims of the creatures and by regarding their existences and tasks as pitiful beings doomed to die out. He trivializes the whole universe.
So in the hereafter, Allah (swt) will put the deniers into the hell fire, so that The Just (swt) will preserve the rights of His creatures who will lodge complaints about the deniers’ insults in the world. By all means, His perfect justice requires the punishment of those guilty ones.

All people’s getting into the paradise removes the wisdoms behind the tests

“Yes! Whosoever earns evil and his sin has surrounded him, they are dwellers of the (Hell) Fire; they will dwell therein forever.” (Al-Baqara: 81)
“And those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah) and do righteous good deeds, they are dwellers of Paradise, they will dwell therein forever.” (Al Baqara: 82)
The essential point which we shouldn’t forget is that we, as human beings, have been sent to this life to be tested. As a requirement of the test, there should be rewards for the achievers, as well as punishments for the losers. If everybody goes to the paradise, what kind of a meaning would the test have? And if the life weren’t a test ending with rewards for good deeds and punishment for the wrong, then what kind of a meaning would the troubles and the difficulties have?
Can you imagine a country that put all people, both the thieves, burglars, robbers, criminals, murderers and also the teachers, doctors, lawyers, policemen on a salary; even the same high salary? If you imagine such a country, doubtlessly you will cry out “Where is the justice? Where is the mercy?”

What makes paradise a paradise is its being given as a reward

Paradise is a reward, a bounty and a gift for those deserving the Jannah. If Allah admitted everybody into it, paradise would no longer be a reward.

“And beware of the fire prepared for deniers.
And obey Allah and the Messenger. It is hoped that you may be shown mercy.
Run (by doing good) towards being forgiven by your Master and the Paradise the width of which as much as the heavens and the earth. It has been prepared for the cautious (of sins).
Those (believers) are they who spend (their belongings in the way of Allah) when in abundance and when in scarcity, overcome their fury (when they get angry) and forgive people. Allah loves the good-doers.
Those are they who immediately utter remembrances of Allah and plea for the forgiveness of their sins when they commit a bad deed or cruelty against their souls. And who forgives sins save Allah? And they do not knowingly persist in (the sins) what they have committed.
The reward of such is forgiveness from their Master and Gardens underneath rivers flow; therein they are forever abiders. How beautiful is the reward of those who do such deeds. “
(Al-I Imran: 131- 136) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Makes Paradise a Paradise is Its Being Given As a Reward

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