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 Where Is the Hell?

Does the hell exist at present? If so, where is it?


In some narrations, the place of the hell is stated as under the ground.
By the saying ”under the ground”, it is indicated to be in the “barysphere”, the core of the earth.
This temperature which is 70 times hotter than the temperature of the earth’s surface being the core of the hell will appear with all of its terror cracking the earth in the day of judgment. It gets its final shape by enlarging and getting bigger and turns into the big hell.
In another narration; it is said that the hell is under the orbit of the world. But now it hasn’t yet completed its final shape. Cause of its unknown and invisibility is its dark and lightless fire.
Its being unknown without being seen is because of its having a kind of dark and unlit fire. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Where Is the Hell?

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