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 Do the Deniers Have Any Evidences?

Those who say “No-God” always want proof from those who say “He exists”. If that is so, do the deniers have any proves of non-existence?

There are 2 kinds of denials. One is the denial that occurs from the laziness. They say “There is no God.” in order to avoid the responsibilities following the belief.
The other one is to claim the absence, the non-existence of God. This requires proof and evidence that so far the deniers of Allah (swt) have never succeeded bringing any. The only thing they do is to criticize and deny the views of the believers. They are not that wrong (!) Because, if a person claims “the existence of a coconut”, it is enough for him to find and bring “one coconut” to prove his claim. But if he claims the verse, “the non-existence of the coconut herb”; then he must browse around the world and research for it and show the evidences of its non-existence throughout the earth. And those denying the existence of Allah, Jannah (paradise), Jahannam (hell) will never be able to make researches throughout the universe in order to bring evidences of the truths that even the tiniest cell carries.
A man discovered the continent of America. So what! Was not the America continent in existence, before it was discovered by that man?!!
There are people have lofty wisdom and high spirit, they discovered the existence and the oneness of Allah (swt) and deciphered the mysteries of the book of universe. And there are those who have huge intelligence, but less wisdom that they are even unable to conceive this universe’s being a huge book indicating and even explaining Allah (swt).
In conclusion, denial is doomed to stay as a “supposition of non-existence” in that it will never be proved and substantiated with evidence. And an exclamation deep inside of the unbelievers which will always exist and will never be silenced: “What if he exists? Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Do the Deniers Have Any Evidences?

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