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 Where is God?

Where is Allah (swt)?


One of the Divine Attributes of Allah is “Qiyam bi Nafsihi”

Qiyam bi Nafsihi: Non-neediness of others. Allah doesn’t need anything else to “be”, “to exist”. However, creatures are in need of (outwardly) lots of things; a place, an environment and all the conditions that they need to be alive, to exist. But essentially they need Allah to provide all these conditions and needs to them.

But since Allah (swt) is the Creator, not a creature, He is free from place, as He doesn’t need anything. Allah (swt) is neither inside nor outside the universe. There is no conception of time and place for Him (swt). He’s free from these two dimensions, which are valid just for this universe. It is unthinkable that Allah is doomed to these two conceptions which He is the Creator of.

Mind can comprehend that “the Creator must be free of place

For a piece of paper which is accepted as bidimensional, the world of a three dimensional table is extremely strange.

Likewise, “being free of dimensions” is an inexplicable conception for human brain and human world which are just three dimensional. Because a limited mind can never have the enough capacity to comprehend Allah (swt)’s being nondimensional.

However, despite the mind’s inadequacy to comprehend this conception, it has enough capacity to comprehend that “the Creator must be free of place.”

So it will be better to ask “Might Allah have a place?” instead of the question “Where is Allah?” which will never be answered (because Allah doesn’t have a place.)

Why must mind accept that the Creator is unlimited, free from dimensions?

Being Creator requires “being free of place”. Because, for a Creator’s creating and directing the whole events occurring all over the universe simultaneously, He must be limitless, eternal and indivisible.

Let’s think about the events occurring or having the possibility to occur at this moment; just this moment, just one moment… Trillions of creatures which we are not aware of the existence and which we are unable to see… and their activities…

Doesn’t anything in the universe need the existence and intervention of Allah any time? In order to say “They don’t need Allah, we should accept that anything, even atoms, have power, mind, a great knowledge and free will. Accepting this is equivalent to accepting that even just an atom, a cell or an erythrocyte is much more clever and intelligent than a humanbeing even more than Plato! Since the universe exists and changes any moment, it needs an Entity who intervenes it with His eternal knowledge and unlimited power. Therefore, a wise man definitely knows that the One who can carry out these unlimited actions must be “One” and “Free of place”. Otherwise, how can an entity limited in a certain place and certain dimensions create and direct all dimensions, all places, all creatures and all events? How can a finite entity surround almost all infinite things simultaneously all the time? Such Entity Who is aware of even a small piece of falling leaf must definitely be free of place and must surround every point of this universe with His eternal knowledge, unlimited power and excellence .

Allah, the Creator, can’t be similar to His creatures

A Creator cannot resemble His creatures. If He is, than He cannot be the Creator.

We don’t think that a carpenter resembles a chair that he made. Or a painter resembles a four edged canvas. Do we? A tailor cuts and sews the material however he wishes, but a material can never intervene a tailor. Because, the supreme one is tailor, not the material.

Logically, the Creator must be greater than anything He creates. None of His creatures can limit Him.

Place, time, material, human, object… Everything, all of us are in the category of “creatures”. The clearest proof for this is our being doomed to death and our changing every time. The unchanging can only be the one who exists eternally. Everlasting and the only one… If we accept that God is limited in a certain place, than we have to accept that His power starts and finishes at certain points. Than who rules over the other places? Another god? If He is weak and need another God, than how can He be the God?

So, we understand that this universe shows us the existence of an excellent God. This God is so powerful that He doesn’t need anything and His power cannot be limited in a certain area. Than we come to the conclusion that, since He is God, He is definitely free of place. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Where is God?

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