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 Why Do Some of the Scientists Deny the Existence of a God?

It is said that Allah can be known through reason. Then why so many professors and scientists whose intelligences are registered are not able to embrace Islam? Or Why they deny the existence of one God, why they turn to be atheists, if they are really intelligent and wise?


Wisdom is a noor (light) located in the heart and has the ability to differentiate between the right (haq) and the superstition (batil). As for the intelligence; it is the ability to grasp and know quickly. In other words wisdom and intelligence must be handled separately.
Each intelligent is not wise.
Each wise person does not necessarily have to be intelligent.
It is declared in the prophet’s saying that “A Muslim is wise.”
That’s to say, the degree of a person’s wisdom is understood with his affirming Allah and applying Islam to his life. Or we can say the degree of a person's wisdom is understood with his believing a God and live accordingly and properly in certain goals which are lofty and noble.
The foremost causes of some scientists’ not believing Allah and Islam are their having less knowledge of The Holy Quran and Islam, their arrogance and self-centeredness or the poorness of the power of wisdom in their hearts.
And also most of the scientists' being atheists is because they think science can accomplish anything and is enough for everything in life. Thus, there is no need of a God to operate things. This is where the problem begins.
In reality, the more one gains knowledge of science, the deeper he/she should get to believe that God really exists! Through seeing and fathoming the things occurring through the universe. Who does provide the forces holding the stars and moon around the sun? How does the brain effectively and efficiently coordinate all the activities of the body? How could “one extra atom” at the birth of the universe have wiped the entire galaxies, or even the whole cosmos? How do electrons manage to keep around an atom? Who can fully explain the power behind the engine of life, the pumping heart, which does not wear out or get tired for all the years of one’s life? Who can this be apart from the one who created all of these? Do those creatures have mind? No! So, there must be a Unique, All-knower, and Superior Entity who plans, creates, coordinates, operates and manages all these creatures at once without having any difficulty. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Do Some of the Scientists Deny the Existence of a God?

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