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 Will The Parents of Prophet Muhammad Enter Jannah?

Since the parents of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed away before his prophethood, they couldn't have faith in Islam. In this case, will they enter jannah?



Those who lived in the periof of fatrat are of people of salvation (ahl-I najah) 

“We never punish until we have sent a messenger.” (Surah al-Isra, 15)

Regarding this ayah, there is a generous consensus among the ulama (scholars) that people who lived in the period of fatrat (interregnum) will not be punished because of the details of religion.
Moreover, according to Imam Shafi and Imam Ash’ari, even if they do not believe in the tenets of Islam and deny it, they are also in salvation and they are not liable; because those who are liable for the commands and prohibitions of Allah (swt) are those who were sent prophets.
Besides, for those people to be liable of the religion, they should have been informed of the prophet and have comprehended the importance of the prophethood duty. If the revelations, tenets and teachings of the former prophets remain hidden because of the lapse of time or heedlessness, people of the period of fatrat (interregnum) are not liable for those facts. Even though they will gain reward if they believe in and obey the former prophets; since the facts of the religion remain hidden; they will not be punished if they do not obey them.


Since Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) mother and father lived in the period of fatrat, they are of people of salvation 

Mother and father of Prophet Muhammad are of people of salvation and of people of jannah and of people of belief.Besides, Allah (swt) the Almighty does not hurt the heart of His Beloved Prophet Muhammad and the mercy that his blessed heart carries. (Risalah al Noor (The Quranic Interpretation by Badiuzzaman): Maktubat)


According to the hadiths, parents of Prophet Muhammad were not in shirk and denial

Imam Tabarani states in Awsat and Imam Baihaqi in Dala’il, from Aisha (ra) that the Prophet (pbuh) said,
‘Jibrael (as) said to me, ‘I have searched the earth, the easts and the wests. And I did not find a man better than Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), and I did not find a clan better than the clan of Bani Hashim.’

After citing the narrations above, Allama Suyuti includes the saying of Imam Ibn Hajar,

‘Imam Ibn Hajar said, ‘And it is known that being the best, being the chosen and preferred comes from Allah. And before Allah, being the best cannot occur with Shirk (polytheism).’

Abu Nua’im writes in Dala’il al-Nabuwwa, with the chain of Ibn Abbas (ra) that the Prophet (pbuh) said,
“Allah continued to transfer me from the loins of the pure to the wombs of the pure, clean and mannered. No two groups have appeared except I was the best of the two.”

As stated in the 28th verse of Surah al Tawba, Quran defines the people of shirk as “unclean, impure”. Regarding this fact, the cleanness mentioned in the hadiths probably refers to “faith”.

Imam Tirmidhi has recorded a Hadith which he classified as Hasan (Fair) as well as Imam Baihaqi from Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (ra) that the Prophet (pbuh) said,

‘When Allah created me, He made me from the best of creations. Then when he created the tribes, he made me from the best of tribes. And when He created souls (nafs) He made me from the best of souls. Then when He created households, He made me from the best of households. Thus I am the best in terms of household, and the best in terms of souls. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Will The Parents of Prophet Muhammad Enter Jannah?


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abdullahi badawi said on "4.9.2012 22:16" :
wallahi summa tallahi, who ever makes the mistake of saying that the parents of the prophet Allah, for whose love the haven and the earth were created, and did not repent before death, wallihil azim he will not see our beloved prophet here and, hereafter. no matter how versed he is in hadith and quran.

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