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 Why Did Allah Not Send a "Female Prophet"?

Why did Allah not create any female prophets? Are there any female prophets that we dont know?


“And We sent out (as Our Messengers) before you (O Muhammad) any but men, whom We inspired, (to preach and invite humankind to believe in the Oneness of Allah). So ask of Ahl Adh-Dhikr (those who know the Scripture), if you know not." (An-Nahl 43)

The disposition of woman is not suitable for the mission of prophethood

The mission of prophethood has quite hard conditions. However, woman is not suitable enough to carry the responsibility of this hard mission in respect of disposition and natural tendency.
Though; if Allah (swt) wills, He may bestow the woman with enough power and endurance needed for the prophethood. But, this means to convert her disposition and temperament into the man’s temperament. After all, it is the necessity of the Divine Wisdom to choose not the ordinary ones among the males; but the most distinguished, persevering, strong-willed, powerful and superior individuals as prophets.
(The Interpretation of Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır)

Biological structure of woman can’t take the mission of prophethood

The biological structure of woman is not eligible enough to take the mission of prophethood. Women have some situations precluding them from carrying out the task of prophethood such as women’s having periods in certain days of the month excluding them from worship or having a baby. That’s why it is unthinkable for the prophets who are both leaders and imams (prayer leaders) and commandants when needed to be from amongst the women.
Allah (swt) did not send “rasul” (messenger) but sent “nabi” (prophet) from amongst the women
Rasul is the messenger that was sent with a new book and a new shariah (religious law) to a specific nation or to the whole humanity.
Nabi is the prophet who was not given a new book and a new sharia and maintains the book and the sharia of the previous Rasul.
According to Imam Ash’ari, Allah (swt) did not send “Rasul” from amongst the women; but sent “Nabi” from amongst them. Because being female is not a preclusive situation for wahy (revelation). Thus; by revealing them, Allah (swt) gave the mission of nubuwwah (prophethood) to some eminent ladies.
According to Imam Ash’ari, Allah (swt) sent 6 “nabiyah” (prophetess) who are Hadrat Mary, Hadrat Asia, Hadrat Eve, Hadrat Sare, mother of Prophet Moses and Hadrat Hajra.
(Zabidi, The Interpretation and the Commentary of Tajrid-al Sarih)
The attractive beauty of women is an impediment for the essence and the consequence of prophethood
Allah (swt) adorned men with “His attributes related to majesty” and adorned women with “His attributes related to beauty”. Besides, in human nature, He placed a strong feeling of “affection” reaching to a degree of “adoration” towards beauty. This affection-quite possible to occur towards attractively created woman at the adoration degree- doesn’t comply with the dignity and essence of the prophethood which means ambassadorship between Allah (swt) and the slaves. As a matter of fact, the reason of people’s inventing goddesses for centuries is this inherent attraction of woman.
When all are considered, how essential wisdoms are hidden behind Allah’s not sending any prophets from amongst the women will be understood. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Did Allah Not Send a "Female Prophet"?

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seema said on "9.6.2012 18:15" :

this is verry hard to understand :(

idare said on "9.8.2012 01:06" :

Please feel free to ask the unclear points! We are here to assist you as best as we can..

Saleh said on "10.29.2012 11:07" :
All Prophets are men, AQ-06:83-89; 19:56 and they were all messengers.

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