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 What is the Difference Between Nabi and Rasul?

Is there any distinction between Nabi and Rasul? If so, what is it?


Rasul literally means; the messenger. The one who is sent by Allah for an ummah (community) or for all humanity as a prophet with a new book and sharia (law).
Nabi means the one who brings message. The prophet. The prophet who does not come with a new book and law but implements the rules of prophet before him.
The scholars have fallen in dispute by submitting various ideas in terms of the distinction between the meanings of the words Nabi and Rasul. They have different opinions.
• Some scholars say both have the same meaning: They both mean “to give message or to report”. Supporters of this opinion showed the following verse as their proof;
(O My Herald!) We have sent before you no herald or a prophet, but when he made a wish (paused while reciting our verses), Satan threw something at his wish (to deceive the listeners)! (Hajj Sura/52)
Allah confirmed both of them (irsal) by saying (wa ma arsalna) in his ayah. This means each Rasul is a Nabi and each Nabi is a Rasul at the same time.
• Some scholars say they are different in one aspect: They (Nabi and Rasul) have the same meaning in terms of being aware of the ghayb (unseen), showing the qualifications of nubuwwah (prophethood), escalating in terms of spiritual level. They differ from each other in terms of risalah (message) which means to inform people, to disseminate the message.
The proof of this opinion is also the verse above. Because these words are uttered separately in this verse. If both of them (Rasul and Nabi) were the same thing (were expressing the same meaning) it would not be appropriate for them to be repeated twice in such an eloquent book as Qur’an. This means they must have different meanings to be mentioned separately.
According to this, Rasul is a prophet who is entrusted both with the worship and the dissemination of the truth among people. But, Nabi is a prophet who is only charged with worship.
• The Authentic and Most Supported Opinion by Most of the Scholars is This:
Rasul is meant to be the prophet with an independent book given. The prophet who is not given an independent book is a Nabi, not a Rasul even if he is given the duty of dissemination via the revelation. Each Rasul is a Nabi but each Nabi is not a Rasul. (Source: Shifa-i Sharif) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What is the Difference Between Nabi and Rasul?

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