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 How Old Was Prophet Muhammad When He Started Salah?

When did Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) start to perform salah?


Before Blessed Muhammad (pbuh) became a prophet, he had been following the religion of Prophet Abraham. He used to spend his time on worship, we don’t exactly know what kind of worship it was, in the Cave of Hira.
According to the narrations, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) performed his first fard salah (obligatory prayer) in the cave of Hira in 610 in the night when the first wahy (revelation) was revealed.
Narrated from Ibn-i Ishak (ra);
“Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was in the upper part of Makkah. Gabriel (as) appeared in front of him with his most beautiful face and his best smell and said the following: “O Muhammad! Allah (swt) has sent His salams to you and has ordered me to convey that He appointed you as “His Messenger” for the jinns and people, so you will invite them to the word “La ilahe illallah”.” Then, he hit his foot on the floor and there, water started to gush out. Gabriel took his wudu with that water, so that Prophet Muhammad learned from him how to take wudu in order to perform salah. Then, he told Prophet Muhammad to take wudu as he did. Thereafter, Gabriel performed salah that had two rakats and four sujuds (prostration). Afterwards, the Messenger of Allah took Hadrat Khadijah (ra) there, taught her to take wudu and performed two rakats of salah with her.” (Ibn-I Hisham, Ibn-I Jarir, Ibn-I Kathir)
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) kept on his salahs secretly for a while. After the miracle of Miraj, five daily prayers became fard (obligatory) for the ummah (nation) of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How Old Was Prophet Muhammad When He Started Salah?

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