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 Why Was Prophet Muhammad Sent As the Last Prophet?

Why was the Prophet Muhammad sent as the last prophet but not the first one?


Allah sent the prophets to the humankind for both spiritual and materialistic improvements. Each prophet is a teacher for the humanity.
In education, step by step developing is a basic principle. A student cannot attend a university before attending primary and secondary education. A primary school student cannot take university lessons. Likewise, each prophet conveyed the holy message to their communities according to the level and the need of their communities so that the humankind was brought to a level to be able to take the highest lesson from one prophet by the time of progress.
In this case, Allah (swt), first, brought humankind to the level of conceiving Islam step by step by sending other divine religions and then He sent Muhammad (pbuh) as the Last Prophet. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Was Prophet Muhammad Sent As the Last Prophet?

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