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 What Does Nabi Mean?

What does "nabi" mean?



: He who brings massage; prophet. A nabi is a prophet who doesn’t come with a new book and a new shariah (law), but carries out the rules of the previous prophet. (Ash Shifa Sharif)
Nabi is a person revealed by Allah (swt) whether charged with dissemination or not. Therefore, each rasul is a nabi, however each nabi is not a rasul. (Haq Dini Quran Dili) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Does Nabi Mean?

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Saleh said on "10.29.2012 11:01" :
A Nabi were those msessengers that were from 1. The descendends of Noah thru Abraham and Isaac 2. The descendents of Noah thru Israel and Amran Refer to AQ-19:58; 57:26

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