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 What Is the “Qur’an”?

What is the Qur'an and what is the definition of it?


• Quran is the entire book of the revelations sent down to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) over his 23 years’ prophethood by Allah (swt).
• Quran is “the last heavenly book.”
• Quran is “Kalaamullah (the word of Allah)” which is also known as “Kitaabullah: the book of Allah”; Furqaan, Tanzil (to send down), Mushaf (the manuscript bound between two boards, written book), Kitaab (Book), Nur (Divine light), Dhikr (remembrance) and “Umm-ul Kitaab (Mother of the books).
• Quran was sent down on 4 essences:
1. Tawhid (The existence and unity of Allah)
2. Nubuwwah (Prophethood)
3. Hashr (resurrection) and justice
4. Ubudiyyah (servitude and worship)
• Qur’an being the word of Allah (swt) is a book which explains the unique existence, reality, attributes, names and actions of Allah that differentiates Him from His creatures.
• Quran, as being the hard evidence and the bright interpreter of the existence and the unity of Allah (swt), is “The Book of Hidayah” (The Book of Guidance) that defines Allah to His servants.
• Quran is “The Book of Sharia” (law) that provides all kinds of social, economic, judicial, administrative, humanistic, civil and ethic orders in the society through the Divine Rules.
• Quran is “A Miraculous Wisdom Book” that any science sought for is included in and also an essential book which the people of wisdom are never sated with.
• Quran is “The Book of Prayer” that brings man closer to Merciful Allah (swt), gives peace to the soul and acts as the interpreter to the desires and wishes of man.
• Quran is “The Book of Reflection” that conduces man to reflect upon the aim of his creation; the world and the hereafter; the paradise and the hell; the wisdom and the actuality of the each creature in the universe and the attributes and the names of Allah that is seen in the universe.
• Qur'an is “A Treasure of Miracles” in terms of its qualifications such as its eloquence, not boring the listeners and readers though read and listened over and over, not being distorted in any way, being easily memorised, preserving its freshness, addressing to each century and each level, containing all branches of science, informing about the past and the future and being impossible to be imitated.
• Quran is “The Greatest Miracle of the Last Prophet; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).”
• Quran being Arabic contains 30 sections (juzz), 114 chapters (suras) and 6666 verses (ayahs).
• Revelation of the Qur’anic verses started in the 16.night of the month of Ramadan in Hijri (after hijrah) 610 and finished in the 9th day of the month Dhilhijjah in 632. It was revealed section by section during these 23 years.
• The first revealed ayah of the Quran is the first five verses of “Suratu’l Alaq” and the last revealed one is the 3rd verse of “Suratu’l Ma’idah”.
• 86 of the Quranic Suras were revealed during the Mecca period; 28 of them were revealed during the Medina period.
• Starting with “Suratul Fatiha”, The Qur’an ends with Suratun Nas.”
• The longest surah of the Glorious Quran is “Suratul Baqara” (286 verses) and the shortest one is “Suratul Kawthar.” (3 verses)
• Quran was compiled into a book form during the caliphate of Hadrat Abu Bakr and then in the caliphate of Hadrat Osman, it was manifolded. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Is the “Qur’an”?

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