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 What is “hereafter”?

What does "akhirah" mean? Could you give information about "the realm of akhirah"?



” is an Arabic word and literally, it is the feminine gender of the word “akhir” that means “last, the last one”.
It is an Islamic term meaning “the eternal realm” that is our last and original home we’ll go after this world and refers to “


”, “


The realm of akhirah will start with the angel Israfel’s blowing the trumpet fort he second time.

Terms relating to “akhirah”:


” is the grand field where people will gather after resurrection. This gathering on the field of mahshaar is called “hashr” (resurrection and assembling for judgment).


” means mankind’s being judged of where and how they spent their lifetimes.


” (scale) is the balance where the good deeds and misdeeds will be weighed.

Liwa-ul hamd

” is the banner which will be in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s hand and under which the believers will gather on the Day of Judgment.
The bridge over which will be passed in order to go to the hell or Jannah (paradise) is called “Sirat”.
“Jannah” is the everlasting place where mumins (believers) will get in and obtain endless beauties through the blessing of Allah (swt).


” is the place where the deniers will suffer torment forever.
As for the sinner believers, they will get in the jannah after suffering jahannam torment in proportion to the amount of their sins.
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