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family ties flag dua is essence of worship disbeliever niyyah for ramadan fasting interpretation of Baqara 165 throne of allah qibla disorder maintaining the ties of kinship bulgaria women in Torah shaban al muazzam defending the person they are backbiting about mani during fast arafa day spouse predetermination ejaculation during fast order of the ayahs 61 days moses and khidr the day of judgement commit a sin night prayer hadith about 5 daily prayers see angel pray at grave khalifah Edward Gibbon istinshaq while fasting spoiled fast hesitation you are you innovation coincidence get married oneness nicotine feel a presence behind me prayers of previous ummahs to delay zakat dhulqada qadar in ayahs delaying zakat how miraj happened Ismail changeable destiny mandub uthman karbala reference to muhammad in bible crack of dawn calender marriage giving blood ramadan hilal angels mentioned in Quran zakat of plot sajdah where to place hands in salah butcher who to give zakat al fitr breaking the fast Prof. Gerald C. Goeringer order of kaffarah akhlaq grave reincarnation funeral supplications in the quran meet Muhammad in jannah to pray for polytheist prominent hell proper time for qada of witr women in Christianity virtue of shaban how to make tawbah ikhtiyari qadar convey reward to deceased woman clothing zakat ayah muslim intelligence rebelling against parents weighing the deeds miracle creator muhammad mentioned in bible safar wahy proof of allah fasting under compulsion fast during hardship virtue of fasting muharram feeding cat reviving parents wajib plot mischief

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