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spirituality invention prayers not accepted for 40 days life things that break fast asiya desires in jannah two consecutive months using perfume on friday maintaining the ties of kinship virtues of jumuah woman hijri new year ablution while fasting lotion during fast bad deeds tawba nasooh stop talking for three days human model hadrat solomon beautiful names of allah tarawih ısa to pray for polytheist cover speak during khutba prove the existence of god eid fundamental beliefs in Islam reflect upon why believe in destiny names of allah(swt) confusing surahs changeable destiny fiqh worship during itikaf jiin virtue of ramadan prophets gossip social information hadith about 5 daily prayers befriending nonmuslims God watches us to receive salam name afterlife good deeds provider worship of an alcohol drinker duties of the prophets water multiplication miracle salam coincidence alawis worship sajdah sahw injection during fast adults playing dolls christian interpretation of Baqara 165 zakat for masjid building sunnahs of friday intention for ramadan ill conditions of quitting ramadan fast angels mentioned in Quran suffering miscarrige hadith about name answer iradah world creations toys in islam miracles about trees wive's property in Islam model person awrah red sea mawlid al nabi opposite sex belief in destiny importance of zakat brother ayah about five daily prayers greet meet Muhammad in jannah nationalism entity to change name alim visit graveyard arabian peninsula nafilah meaning of salam bounties of jannah beard medication conditions breaking fast

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