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commit evil paraklytos holy spirit prayers of previous ummahs meat of the qurban i'jaz makrooh fast of ashura corpse of pharaoh missed witr in maliki son of god injection during fast break promise silaturrahim Jesus will come back arafa day inheritance of an unmarried lady creation of universe things breaking fast whoever misses the asr prayer dress with image name sacrficie what is hajj substantial set off a slave four great angels ego hajj is fard Allah watches us hands below the navel in salah preeternity islamic calendar fatrat hurmat-i musahara bleeding caused by IUD zakat conditions 19-22 verses of Najm round beard goodness number of verses salutation niyyah for i’tikaf people of salvation performing salah sitting partner imsaq pray at grave fasting 9th of muharram mercy of allah zakat-ul fitr pray for the guidance of disbeliever rab martyrdom evil nisab our beloved prophet did his chores by himself wing devil kaffarah for ramadan fast ahadith dark man born zakat of debtor akhirah adab returning the rights before hajj our beloved prophet’s routine affairs lawh-i mahfuz unintentional mistakes fard al-ayn when to make niyyah for fast muhammad in bible compulsory daily prayers repent miraj sufficiency duty ayah for easy delivery sacrifice and ıslam Dr. Maurice laylat-ul qadr God knows everything wujud silence during khutba virtues of jumuah soul islam visiting graveyard arsh mina deeds Prof. Joe Leigh Simpson sahaba dead can hear najran christians tawrat qamah mustahab fragrance of jannah

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