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 The Purpose of Creation of Evils and the Devil

Why does Allah create evils and the devil? If Allah wants me not to commit evils, then why does He create them?

Creating the evils is not evil but committing evil is evil

Knife was invented for the purpose of many benefits and it makes life easier by answering the purpose in many areas. If some people use the knife for killing, is it logical to say “Both knife and its invention is evil.”? Doubtlessly, not the creation of knife but using the knife for committing evil is evil.
Likewise, everything in the universe serves goodness and fineness unless man misuses them. When he misuses anything in the universe, however beneficial and beautiful they are, they turn into depredation and evil for him.
Today, the main reason for the catastrophes is the humankind’s breaking the natural laws and disturbing the natural balance. So it’s the man who converts many goods to evils.

Is it reasonable to abandon numerous good so as to avoid minor evils?

Rain is the lifeblood of earth but; it is inevitable for a lazy and careless man’s leaky roof to get damaged because of rain. It is the same for fire, electricity, soil, devil and everything in our lives. Can we say that “Rain gives harms to humankind. It is nothing but evil. Why does Allah (swt) create and allow evil?” Of course it is obvious that the evil does not belong to its creation; but belongs to misusage of it.
If the rain had been abolished from the earth for the purpose of avoiding a few minor damages, it would be the epitome of the evil and the end of the world! Because rain may cause a few damages but its harms are very few when its benefits are considered. Do you think it is fair and reasonable to abandon numerous good so as to avoid minor evils? And is it fair to consider the creation of rain or fire as evil because of leaky roofs and carelessness of man? Doubtlessly mind, logic and conscience will cry out “No, it is exactly not fair!”

Even the creation of devil is good; but following his way is evil

There are good purposes in the creation of devil, as well.
Man has free-will to make his own choices. If he chooses the way of devil, of course he will be punished; but if he regards the devil as a test for him and follows the righteous way, he will gain the happiness of two worlds and everlasting rewards in the eternity.

Evil and devil are created to increase the level of man

The purpose of the creation of the evil and the devil is to increase the level of man.
If we think about a seed, we’ll see that, its development potentials convert into action through plenty of transactions. Thus, by passing many stages it grows into a tree and then; if it is a type of fruitful tree, it will bear fruit.
Likewise, human nature has a great number of abilities and potentials. In order to develop and convert these potentials and abilities, a struggle is required. That’s why Allah gives tests and devil as a struggle for man to develop his abilities and potentials. Thus, each man striving against the devil and choosing the righteous path reaches high levels of humanity while the people following the devil (satan-shaitan) sink to the depths of sin; all people get what they deserve and numerous levels of humanity come out.
And also if there were no evils and devil; just like the angels, the degree of human would be steady and never increase. For angels are not striving against the devil, their levels always stand constant. However, through the devils, Allah (swt) gave humankind the ability of superiority to the angels.
In this world where we come for the purpose of being tested, human will either fall to the lower levels than the animals by following the devils or raise higher levels than the angels by striving against the devil and the evil. It’s up to his will to convert the consequences of the opportunities he is given into good or bad by choosing the right or the wrong path with his will. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - The Purpose of Creation of Evils and the Devil

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