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 How Is Allah Able to Deal With Everything at Once?

How is Allah able to maintain everything at the same time, isn't it hard for him?


Power of Allah belongs to Himself. It was not granted to Him afterwards. Therefore His attributes have no limits and degrees. The creation of heaven and a flower is the same for Him.
Just as a single sun lights up the earth and gives out heat and lights for living things easily.
Can we say “The sun reflects on a tiny piece of glass easily but it makes a great effort while reflecting its lights on the oceans”? Since it is easy for the sun; it is surely even easier for


, the owner of the sun. He creates spring as easily as he creates a flower and heaven as easily as spring.
Man’s soul is concerned with all his body and has all his organs and cells help each other and soul is aware of them all. Namely, if man’s stomach is in pain at the same time with his eye, and his kidney, soul becomes aware of them all. If this case is easy for soul which is the ordinance of Allah; countless acts, sounds, prays, and jobs are not difficult for the will and power of Allah, the Almighty at all, neither do they prevent one another nor do they keep Him busy. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How Is Allah Able to Deal With Everything at Once?

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