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 Why Does God Hide Himself?

Why does Allah keep Himself hidden?


Allah hides Himself in a way that we cannot see with our physical eyes. However, He created human beings with equipments enough to search and find Him, to know and recognize Him. So, Allah does not really keep Himself hidden, just the opposite; he wants to be known.
The real reason man cannot see Allah is because this world is a world of test and tribulations. Whoever saw Allah with his own eyes would become a believer anyway. In such a case we couldn’t talk about test and tribulations.
Allah declares His existence by answering the prayers of all creations. And also, Allah is in the hearts of the believing servants. Unless man refuses with his own will, he can feel Allah’s existence every instant. And consequently, never forgets Allah.
But, in this mortal and material world, man’s eyes do not have the ability to grasp the greatness of Allah. Indeed, he has no likes or opposites. Therefore it is not possible for human beings to grasp the complete meaning of Allah’s Entity.
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