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 How is Azrael (the Angel of Death) able to Take Many Souls at the Same Time?

Although being just one, how can Azrael (a.s) take many souls simultaneously?


Azrael (a.s) can take many souls at the same time. None of his activities obstructs the other ones. Unlike the humans, by reason of angels’ being luminous, they don’t have to stay at the same appearance; they are able to change their forms. They can be in many different places at he same time.
For example; while the mirrors do only show and multiply the reflections of the substantial objects, but actually there is only one real object while the others are just images. On the other hand; transparent and tenuous things like light can, themselves, exist and be seen in so many places through the mirrors at the same time along with all of their qualities. This means the reflections of the transparent and tenuous things like light are as their original forms in the mirrors. Their reflections are the same as their own forms by the image and nature.
Likewise, the angels that have transcendental bodies use the air, water, glass, and ether as a mirror.
For being luminous, their images in these mirrors are deemed to be themselves. By means of these mirrors, angels can easily be present in many places at the same time and so that, while being only one, they suddenly happen to be a thousand of angels.
Thus; for Azrael is also luminous, via these mirrors, he himself can be present by each of the living creature in their time of death and can take their souls easily. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - How is Azrael (the Angel of Death) able to Take Many Souls at the Same Time?

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