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 What is “evil-commanding soul”?

What is evil-commanding soul? Could you explain its features?


An individual bears the responsibility of faith and good deeds in this worldly life. But then, there is the evil-commanding soul, which will prevent him from fulfilling his obligations and stop him from all sorts of holy services. Therefore, the hardest struggle of the human throughout history has been with his greatest enemy, the evil-commanding soul, and the human has always tried to find remedies in order not to be defeated by his evil-commanding soul.
Our time is the darkest and the most terrifying of all times. Of course, the struggle with the evil-commanding soul has become even harder. Furthermore, the individual has scattered and divided his attention to many unnecessary and useless things.

Here are some basic features of evil-commanding soul:


evil-commanding soul

only loves itself in the real sense and praises itself endlessly;
It never wishes to take any blame or faults and it defends itself endlessly;
It always considers the good thing as though it comes from itself and it feels proud;
It regards itself as a separate, independent thing and supposes that it is self-existed. So it claims divinity in a way and rebels to its Lord in a hostile way.

Evil-commanding soul

prefers a little amount of pleasure in the present compared to the big amount of pleasure that will be given to him in the future. It avoids the fear of a ready slap more than one year of torment in the future.

Evil-commanding soul

always listens to the Satan.
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Art of Disciplining The Evil Commanding Soul

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