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 What should we do to utilize the blessed Laylat-ul Qadr (Night of Power)?

What can I do on Laylat-ul Qadr (Night of Power)?


We should utilize Laylat-ul Qadr (Night of Power) through all kinds of worship like reciting Quran, praying, making dua (suplication) and dealing with knowledge
Because the virtue of Laylat-ul Qadr is extremely high, angels descend upon earth bringing abundance and mercy along. When the Holy Quran is recited, angels descend, surround the circle of dhikr (people mentioning Allah [swt]) and lay out their wings to show respect to the ones who desire knowledge sincerely. (Ibn-i Kathir)

Some scholars indicate that the best way to utilize the blessed nights is giving place to all kinds of worship like pray, dua, recitation of Quran and tafakkur (contemplation).
(Kutub-u Sitta)
• We should make dua abundantly on Laylat-ul Qadr, because this night is one of the precious times that duas are accepted.
• On usual days, on the first one third of night, obligations (maghreeb and ıshaa prays); in the middle of night supererogatories (nafilah) are performed. And supplication is made at dawn. On blessed nights, we should endeavor to perform these acts of worship nightlong.
• Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recommended Hadrat Aisha to make this dua on Laylat-ul Qadr (Night of Power):

O Allah! You are the Great Pardoner. You love to pardon. Hence I seek Your pardon.” (Dahlawi)
On Laylat-ul Qadr, reciting one surah al-Qadr has more rewards than reading the whole Quran in other times. (Tafsir-i Mugne)

• On Laylat-ul Qadr, reciting one tasbih (Subhanallah) (may Allah be glorified), one tahmid (Alhamdulillah) (all praise is due to Allah) and one tahlil (Allah-u akbar) (Allah is the greatest) is better than reciting 700.000 tasbih, tahmid and tahlil (in other times). Praying for a very short time is more valuable than performing acts of worship during the whole nights till morning for one month in other times.
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