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 The Story of Alqamah

What he performed of prayers, fasting and charity is of no avail so long as his motheris angry with him... Allah's concent is conditioned on the mother's and His wrath is hers...


Reported by Ibn Hajar al Haithami:
In the Prophet's lifetime, there was a young man called Alqamah. He was so devout that he exerted great efforts in performing many prayers, fasting and spending money in charity. He had a fatal disease that his wife informed the Prophet (pbuh) that her husband was dying. Thereby, the Prophet (pbuh) sent `Ammar, Suhaib and Bilal to instruct the dying to say the testification of Faith. When they arrived there, they found him dying. Therefore, they began to instruct him to say “there is no god but Allah”, but he could not repeat it. They returned to the Prophet (pbuh) to consult him.
Then, the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Did he have living parents?" They said, "He had an aged mother." Accordingly, the Prophet asked them to bring her if she was able to walk. Otherwise he himself would go there. When being informed by the Prophet's message, the mother said, "I sacrifice him with my soul. I will go to him." She then went to him leaning on a staff. After greeting, the Prophet (pbuh) said; "O mother of Alqamah, tell me the truth and if you lie Allah will reveal me the truth. How was Alqamah?" She said, "He performed much prayers, fasting and spending money in charity." Then, the Prophet (pbuh) asked, "What about you?" She said, "O Messenger of Allah! I am angry with him." The Prophet asked, "Why?" She said, "Because he prefers his wife to me and also disobeys me."
Then, the Prophet (pbuh) said, "The anger of Alqamah's other holds Alqamah's tongue to utter the testification of Faith."
Afterwards, the Prophet said, O Bilal, go and gather a pile of wood." The woman said, "Why, Messenger of Allah?" The Prophet said, “To bum him before your eyes." She said, "O Messenger of Allah, he is my son! I cannot endure that he be burnt before my eyes." Then, the Prophet said, "But Allah's torture is more severe and lasting, mother of `Alqamah. So if you like him to be forgiven by Allah, you forgive him. By Whom in Whose hands my soul is, what he performed of prayers, fasting and charity is of no avail so long as you are angry with him."
Then, she said, "O Messenger of Allah, may Allah the Almighty, his angels and all Muslims who are present witness that I forgive my son, Alqamah." Thereupon, the Prophet said, "Go to him, Bilal to see whether he can utter the testification of Faith or not? She might forgive him out of shyness." Approaching Alqamah's house, Bilal heard him saying, "There is no god but Allah" Then, the Prophet (pbuh) ordered them to prepare the funeral, washing and shroud. Then, he prayed over him and witnessed the funeral. Then, the Prophet stood in front of the deceased grave and said, "O Muhajirin (Emigrants) O Ansar (Helpers), he who prefers his wife to his mother entails the curse of Allah, His angels and the whole people. Allah never accepts his deeds or a reason unless he makes repentance, treats his mother well and asks her consent. This is because Allah's consent is conditioned on the mother's and His wrath is hers.”
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