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 Is It Permissible to Use Period-Delaying Pills?

Is it permissible to use period-delaying pills in order to fast fully during the Ramadan month?


Though some scholars say “it is permissible to use them during Ramadan, if it is not spoiling your menstrual cycle”, it shouldn’t be ignore that we would be acting like we dislike what Allah willed for us. As a matter of fact, menstruation is a periodical event Allah willed for women in particular. But, He would have cancelled this during Ramadan month, if he had willed. This means women would not have been having their menstruation during the Ramadan Month. Let’s say the period-delaying pills are harmless to human body, in this case we must think periodical menstruation of women is not pointless and irrational since it has many wisdoms. For humans, preventing this from happening wouldn’t be an appropriate attempt and will not be a likely behaviour to perform.
And in the Large Fiqh book for Women, this subject is explained as the following:
Since menstrual periods are natural situations, the best is to allow them continue in their regular and natural flow. But, if those period-delaying pills are harmless to the body in terms of health, if they are not changing the cycle of the menstruations, they can be used in some special occasions. But beforehand, a doctor must be consulted on whether they are harmful to the human body.

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