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 What Are the “Months For Hajj”?

What is the time for hajj?


Hajj is a worship that is performed with both man’s property and body. For Muslims who have ample wealth, it is obligatory to perform hajj once in their lifetime. If he performs several times, the first one is his obligatory duty and followings are considered nafila (supererogatory, voluntary).
The expressions “Time of Hajj” and “Months of Hajj” have different meanings from each other.
“Time of Hajj” is the period in which the essential acts of Hajj are performed.

Waqfa (*1)



are performed on the day of


and the days of Feast Sacrifice. These days are called “time of Hajj”.
Other acts of Hajj are performed in the “months of Hajj” which are Shawwal, Dhu'l-Qa'dah and the first ten days of


It is narrated in a hadith that;
"The sunnah is to declare one's intention and to put on ihram with the intention of performing Hajj during the months of Hajj."
Scholars say that acts of Hajj aren’t performed out of the months of Hajj. Before these months, entering into the state of

ihram (*5)

with an intention of Hajj

is makruh (abominable).

(*1)Waqfa means

staying in Arafat for a certain period of time.

(*2) Tawaf means

circumambulating the Ka'bah seven times.

(*3) Arafa

is the name of the day before the first day of feast.


These are the 9.-10. and 11. months of the Islamic lunar calendar.

(*5) Entering into the state of ihram means

intending to enter into the actions of Hajj some of which are prohibitions and others are obligatory. Ihram also means the gown worn for this purpose. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Are the “Months For Hajj”?

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