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 What Kind of Things Did Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) Pay Attention to in His Daily Routines?

What kind of things did our beloved Prophet (pbuh) pay attention to when he did His daily routines? What did He do about housework?


Prophet of Allah (pbuh) did his own chores himself

“Hadrat Aisha (ra), Abu Said al-Hudri (ra) and Hadrat Hassan (ra) narrated that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did his chores by himself.” (Kadi Iyaz)

Samples from Our Beloved Prophet’s (pbuh) life

A man asked Hadrat Aisha “What did The Prophet do at home?” Hadrat Aisha said He kept busy with housework. He patched His clothes, swept the house, milked the animals, and bought supplies for the house from the market. If His shoes were torn He mended them Himself. He tied the rope to the water bucket. He secured the camel, fed it and ground the flour with the slave.” (Bukhari)
Narrated Al-Aswad:
I asked 'Aisha what did the Prophet use to do at home. She replied. "He used to keep himself busy serving his family and when it was time for the prayer, he would get up for prayer." (Bukhari, Book 8, Volume 73, Hadith 65)
“Hadrat Anas (ra) said that he saw the Prophet took care of the goats with His own hands.” (Muslim)
When The Prophet (pbuh) was a child, Qabah was under renovation. Even then He carried stones for the masons.
During the construction of Masjid Quba and Masjid Nabawi before the War of Hendek (Trench) He worked with the other workers both in construction and digging of the trenches, He carried stones and dag the field.
During a journey, friends of The Prophet (pbuh) slaughtered a goat and distributed the chores among them. Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said:
“I will gather fire wood from the dessert.” The friends of The Prophet didn’t want to accept His offer because they didn’t want to trouble Him. The Prophet said:
“I don’t want any privileges.”
On another journey His shoelaces were broken. He wanted to mend it Himself. One of His friends said:
“Oh Prophet of Allah (pbuh)! Let me do it.” Prophet Muhammad said:
“That would be claiming privileges and superiority and that’s what I most dislike.” (Zarkani)
Two of the friends of The Prophet (pbuh) narrate that:
“One day we went to The Prophet of Allah (pbuh) and saw Him repairing His house on His own. We joined in the work. When the work was done The Prophet prayed for our well being. (Ahmad bin Hanbal) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - What Kind of Things Did Our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) Pay Attention to in His Daily Routines?

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