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 Has Quran Been Distorted?

Is not it possible that Quran has been distorted like the other revealed books?


There are so many evidences proving us the fact that Quran has never been distorted and never and never will be able to be distorted.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Kept the Spread of the Quran Verses under his Own Control

After each revelation, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) indited the verses to his distinguished companions (may Allah be pleased with them) and checked each scripture. Then, under the control of Prophet Muhammad, his companions copied them by both writing and memorizing; and distributed them to other Muslims.
Also every Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to recite the verses to his followers in the mosque, while Gabriel standing by him and correcting mistakes if there any.
Furthermore, in order to preserve the Quran’s original copy, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), early on the revelation, forbade his companions from writing the sayings of him considering the possibility of his sayings being confused with the verses.

Hadrat Osman (Othman) Sent out Scriptures of the Quran to Various Places Throughout the World

In the caliphate period of Hadrat Osman (Othman), the scripture of Quran was manifolded. From the beginning to the end, all of the manifolded scriptures were read out in the big mosque in the presence of the other Muslims and sent out to various places throughout the world.
Even today, three of these manuscripts still exist and they are completely same as the other scriptures.

Allah did not Promise to Preserve a Holy Book Other than the “Qur’an”

Lo! We, even we, reveal the Reminder, and lo, we verily its guardian. (Hijr, 9)
No falsehood can approach it (Quran) from before or behind it. (Fussilet, 42)

The I’caz (Being Impossible to Simulate) of Quran is Such a Miracle that it Precludes People from Inserting or Omitting Anything

I’caz literally means people’s being impotent and incapable of providing a similar of something. There is a wonderful eloquence and stylistic purity in the Qur’an’s word order. The arrangement of the verses and the letters of Quran is mutually interconnected in terms of meter, rhyming, order and composition.
Thus, if even a letter of Quran has been changed or deleted, the excellent harmony would be disturbed and if such a distortion had occurred, it would be impossible not to be noticed.
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