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 The Blessed Month: Shaban al Muazzam

The Month of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): Shaban al Muazzam


The superiority of the month Shaban to other months is like the Beloved Prophet Muhammad’s superiority (pbuh) to other prophets. ..

 Anas bin Malik narrated that:

 “The excellence of Rajab over other months is like the excellence of the Quran over all other books, while the excellence of Shaban over other months is like my excellence over the rest of the Prophets, and the excellence of Ramadan over other months is like the excellence of Allah (swt) over all His creatures.” (Ghunya, 1/187)


Deeds are presented to Allah (swt) in Shaban al muazzam

"This is such a month of which people are unmindful, the month that comes between Rajab and Ramadan is a month of greatness, especially because the deeds are presented to Allah (SWT), and I wish my deeds be presented to Allah (SWT) whilst I am amongst those who are fasting" (Ghunya, 1/ 187)


Our Prophet (pbuh) performed more worship in Shaban than in other months

Compared to other months, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) performed more worship in this month.

He exalted this month with his sayings:

“Shaban is my month.”

“Shaban cleanses the sins.” (Kashf al Khafa)


Any deeds performed in Shaban are rewarded with thawabs more than 300 times

This blessed month in which the holy grace and abundance enliven the earth is the most profitable and fruitful occasion for the Muslims. Because, which raises the value and the dignity of Shaban is the fact that the reward for any deed and worship is 300 times more than in other months (except Ramadan) in Shaban. (Şualar (Rays))

If the reward for one rakah of salah performed at other times is 10 thawabs, it is more than 300 in Shaban. For any recited Quran letter, there are 300 jannah fruits.


Shaban is the month that cleanses the sins

“Shaban is my month.  Shaban cleanses the sins.” (Kashf al Khafa)

 “Shaban is my month, Rajab is Allah’s month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah.  Shaban is the expiator (removes the sins of man), while Ramadaan is the purifier.” (Ghunya)


“Whoever respects Shaban, bewares, performs good deeds in obedience and refrains his nafs from sins, Allah (swt) forgives his sins and assures him of all the troubles and diseases that are going to happen that year.” (Durrat al Vaizin)


“Sha’aban is my month.  Whoever reveres Sha’abaan verily reveres my command and whoever respects my command, on the day of the Qiyamah, I will be a pioneer savior and a source of good for him.”  (Dur al Mansur) Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - The Blessed Month: Shaban al Muazzam

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