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 Why Was Prophet Adam Expelled from Jannah?

What is the cause of Prophet Adam’s being expelled from Jannah (paradise)?


There are many causes of Prophet Adam’s expulsion from paradise. We can specify main reasons as follows:
Allah (swt) charged mankind with worshipping Himself and wanted him to progress in unlimited spiritual degrees. To fulfill this important duty, supreme abilities are given to humankind. These unlimited abilities require an examination field where good and bad exist within each other. So that man will differentiate between right and wrong and his abilities will improve. Otherwise, man’s degree would remain stable like angels of whom there are plenty worshipping Allah. There is no need for man for such worship.
Man’s superiority to angels and whole creatures come out as a conclusion of Adam’s expulsion from Jannah. If man had stayed in jannah forever, his superiority would have never emerged.
Allah (swt) wanted to make humankind a mirror for His excellent names and attributes and placed small samples of them on humankind. If man had stayed in the Jannah forever, his abilities showing names and attributes of Allah (swt) would have lie snug. Because all needs of mankind are ready and available in Jannah. So man would have never been obliged to study, work, invent or discover anything to provide his needs. But in the world, he has to use and progress all his abilities to provide his needs.
For example, he builds houses with his power which Allah (swt) have given him as a sample of His attribute “Qadir: Omnipotent” . He sews by the name “Sani’: Artificient“; invents machines and new technology by the name “Musawwir: the Shaper of Beauty”; educates by the name “Rab: the Lord”, cures the illnesses by the name “Shafi, Healer“. Briefly; all his actions, all his arts are for declaring names and attributes of Allah (swt). Man’s abilities require to be sent to the earth to exhibit the Holy Names of Allah (swt). Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Why Was Prophet Adam Expelled from Jannah?

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