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 Allah Is Not Dependent on His Angels

Though Allah is Omnipotent, why He gets angels to do the works in the universe?

“But His command, when He intends a thing, is only that he says unto it: Be! And it is.” (Ya-seen: 82)
“Allah, the eternally Besought of all!” (Ikhlaas: 2)
Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and the earth, is not dependant on his angels as he is not dependent on anything. Allah is Omnipotent. He creates anything by his Omnipotence. And he maintains his creations as he wishes.

The duty of the angels is to worship Allah

Most of the angels are entrusted with tasbeeh (glorifying), dhikr Allah (swt). Angels called “Amala” (workers) are both entrusted with control of the universe and execution of the laws of nature (Adatullah), and along with that they keep on their constant duty of glorifying and praising Allah.
“Amala” angels serve by attending themselves in execution of the laws which are under the administration of any creature from a cell to the giant planets.
Angels’ applying these laws is their worship. They don’t ever have the right to administrate as they will. Each situation and event that occurs is under the control of Allah. Everything is by the will and order and the creation of Allah.

Angels are the servant of Allah reflecting His Perfect names and arts

Each Beauty loves to see his beauty. For instance, when an artist formed a unique art, he would first want to see it himself. And he gets pleasure of this.
Likewise, Allah watches the unique and awe-inspiring art wonders Himself first. Because the high ability, perfection and beauty of the angels are belong to Allah and the flashes reflected from the names of Allah.
Allah’s watching his angels while they are working means he is watching his own Omnipotence, mercy, administration and sovereignty in his arts. Allah watches the magnificent action of His names on the angels.
There is absolutely no other greater pleasure than of Allah’s executing His angels and supplying them with their needs and giving them blessings. This pleasure being peculiar to Allah the Almighty is a “Holy Pleasure of Him” seeing His servants rejoicing with their blessings. And human mind is far from understanding this.
Angels worship Allah with great enthusiasm by applying the glorious divine laws in the universe.
The Universe is an exhibition centre of Allah full of exceptional and marvelous creation of arts. Each artist wishes there would be viewers understanding and appreciating the delicacy and fineness of his art.
The appreciation and contemplation of the humans and the jinns are not enough for the fine arts of this wonderful universe. For this duty, Allah has choosen the angels residing from the centre of the earth to the seven layer Heavens.
Along with accomplishing their missions given by their Lord, they also contemplate their Lord’s manes and attributes through these missions. And they appreciate His arts and works by glorifying and thanking Him.
For instance; Lightening is a glorification of Ra’d (lightening) Angel declaring the Omnipotence of Allah.

Angels are the screens displaying Excellence and Magnificence of Allah

Though Allah Himself does everything, He creates causes as coverings to prevent His Excellence and Magnificence from bad ascriptions. Because human beings, with their superficial opinions and narrow minds, can regard some issues as mistakes and shallow; though they are not as they assumed. And they don’t fathom His Magnificence by saying: “Why Allah is occupying Himself with things like that?”
And there are some events appearing bad at first sight though they have so many wisdoms behind them. Allah creates them as coverings to preserve His Excellence. So that He prevents His Magnificence and Compassion from being criticized and blamed unmercifully.
Because some people are unable to see the wonderful wisdom behind the things which are appearing bad at first sight, they happen to criticize the Excellence and Magnificence of Allah.
This also should be known that angels are the pure and clean coverings of Allah. So, Allah created causes (illnesses, accidents…) which are the coverings for His angels in order not to subject them to complaints of humans. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Allah Is Not Dependent on His Angels

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