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 Why don’t all the people get into the paradise?

Since Allah (swt) loves His servants; why doesn't He admit all of them into the paradise?


People of the hell don’t go to hell just because Allah doesn’t love them. They are in the hell for they willed and wished for it by their own wills.

They choose the hell by their own wills

Allah (swt) loves His servants and has mercy on them. However, if the servant chooses and deserves the hell as a result of his deeds; considering this situation as “Allah doesn’t love His servants.” would be nothing short of accusing the divine mercy and the perfect justice of Allah (swt).
Allah created the hell. Because if all the people in the world both the cruel and the aggrieved; the dictators and the oppressed, the liars and the honest; the pious and the impious get into the paradise; it would be none other than injustice.
In an office, is it justice to pay the same salary both to a hardworking worker making his best for his job and a sluggish and bilker worker doing nothing for his work and also overriding the others?
How can it possibly be “justice” to admit into the paradise both a servant choosing a pious life in worship and praise; and a man who eats, drinks but never thanks Allah (swt) for any blessings He bestowed? Do both of them deserve the same price? Therefore, “justice” does not mean to give everybody the same salary but it means to give everybody what they deserve.
Justice requires both punishment and reward. Hell is of the justice of Allah (swt) while the paradise is of His mercy.
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