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 If God Created Us, Then Who Created God?

How come Allah is eternal? If Allah created us, then who created Allah?


Who needs someone else to exist may not be “God”

One of Allah’s attributes is “wujud” (existence). In that Allah’s existence is from himself and he does not need anyone else to exist. Consequently, who needs someone else to exist may not be “Allah”.


Creator of all things while he is not created.


being created by the creator, the impotent, weak, and doomed to be created in that unable to create.
After these quite open explanations, one who has wisdom can clearly understand that “


” In other words, an object created by Allah, as the name implies, is a creature and impotent. Its duty is to worship his creator whom it needs to exist.
A thing is either a creation or a creator. Creations cannot create. The universe and humans are in the category of “to be or not to be”. Namely, we are creations. Allah is everlasting in that he chose to make those which are in the state of ‘to be or not to be’ and created them. If the everlasting did not exist, how would the creations exist? Surely, each number is dependent on the number prior to it. Eight is dependent on seven; seven on six; six on five… Whereas each number is dependent on “1”, it is not dependant on any number.

Allah Is the One “Not Created”. The Created One May Not Be “Allah”.

Allah owns the creator attribute in that he “does not need anything and is in existent always”. But all the creations, while their possibilities of being or not being were equal, were wanted to be created by Allah. In other words, all creations need a creator who is “superior to them” and “ever-present”. For this reason; they are impotent and weak. That their always changing, ageing, wearing out and dying are the evidences of their weakness and impotence. A created one cannot be a creator because it is created and it is impotent. Allah, indeed, never was created, so that a creature’s becoming a God can never be thought.

Allah is Ahad! Endless, unlimited, not afflicted with division; He is “THE ONE”

“Say (O Muhammad): He is Allah; he is Ahad (the One)!” (Suratu’l Ikhlas:1)
Allah is Ahad
Endless, unlimited, is not afflicted with division; he is “THE ONE”.
If we say “Who created Allah?”, then there have to be some directional and dimensional limitations or borders of Allah, so that there could be another existent to create Allah behind those borders. Then, that second existent could create “Allah” out of himself!
But, Allah is Ahad. Endless, eternal, unlimited, is not afflicted with division; he is “THE ONE”. So, how could it possibly be thought, the domination of Eternal Allah ends up at a point and after that point, the second Allah’s domination starts? Or how could it possibly be thought that God dies and then another God takes the control and so on. If so, how can a mortal existent possibly be a GOD? If a mortal existent’s being a GOD be possible (!), how that MORTAL God could ever bring an immortal GOD into existence. Is not that a huge and illogical paradox?

Allah surely cannot be dependent on His laws

Such questions occurring in the mind are just like laying down the resemblance of an artist to his work as a condition. In this case, should we think that a carpenter resembles the table that he made?
Creations have beginnings and ends. They are confined to time. Time is a creation created by Allah like everything, it was created. A beginning and end is surely inevitable for those which appear with a confinement in time and space and which are included in the law of growth and development. The one, which grows and develops surely began one day and will end one day. For instance, a tree begins life with a seed, grows and develops. It ages and dies in time. Men are born, live and then die. As the BIG BANG is the beginning of the universe, which expands with bangs in the sky, the Doomsday will be the end of it.
Allah does not resemble to His creations. Allah is free from matter. Therefore, He is excluded from having a space, confinement to time, growth, development, integration and disintegration. He has no beginning and no end. Birth is for those which have matters. Allah surely cannot be dependent on His laws.

Even the Attributes of Allah are Eternal (Has No Beginning) As Himself and “Only Belong to Himself.”

Allah has attributes eternal and only belongs to him like “Takhliq” (create), ilm (knowing everything eternally), Wujud (The existence of whom is imperative, Allah's non-existence is unfathomable and He does not need the assistance of another form of existence to create him.)
A non-eternal existent cannot have eternal, infinite attributions. The “to be created” expression reflects that being created is a beginning, so if being created is a beginning then no created existent can be eternal.
If that is so, how an existent that does not have the characteristics of a God can possibly be called God? In this case, eternal attributions of the creator reject the idea of more than one existence’s carrying the same attributions.
Like all the features we have, we were bestowed with “existence” afterwards. It does not belong to us or fixed in us. We have a life, power, sight, and hearing. If those belonged to us, they would never leave us or none of them would have a degree and limit. For instance, I can hear the sounds in this room but not those in the next room. I am able to carry a weight of 10 kilos but not a weight of 50 kilos. One day, all of them will leave me forever. Hearing and power were bestowed me by Allah, they don’t belong to me.
The existence of Allah and all the attributes of Him belong to Him. He was not bestowed with them afterwards and they will never have an end. He is everlasting and eternal, His attributes and names have no limits. He depends on no one but everything depends on Him. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - If God Created Us, Then Who Created God?

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